Till Death...

Posted by Katie Dugas on

Now.. I know that sounds kind of harsh.. but as a woman.. I can say.. Date a guy with a beard.. at least then you know he has patience... It takes a lot of commitment to keep up with a beard.. So when he gets my snappy attitude, it's "Meh, I should feed her"... 

Beard.. Same situation.. Wake up looking like the cowardly lion, "Meh, I should find my Beards Until Skulls".. See. Simple Right?

We here at BTS, take pride in being 100% made in America, as well as being a veteran owned company. 

This is only the beginning of our journey here, so, No Beard, NO PROBLEM! Today sounds like a great day to start! Keep an eye out for more new products, as well as swag, and maybe some ladies goodies too!  

Till Death~